Teamwork Practises

These are videos that I have produced as part of my sensations project for "Teamwork Practises". The project involved creating four strange videos that make individuals unsure what they are about when they watch them. It was required to create a set of artefacts where the occurrence of robotics is involved, e.g. Dogs barking in a way that is unexpected. In around 30 - 100 years time, people could be keeping robot dogs as pets.


This video features two dogs barking like robots, a tripod that controls itself and a fast moving snail. Could this really happen in 30 - 100 years time? Is anyone protesting for it not to happen? Any views will be appreciated? All the visual and audio material used in the production of this video is 100% original.


This is another video that involves mysterious human nature. Would robots be able to predict what people are going to do in the form of a ghost figure? It is also a piece of footage that has 100% original visual and audio material in it. No material in this video is third party.


This is a video that has footage from the Terminator and iRobot. So, there is no copyright infringement intended. This was actually used in the Sensations exhibition, as agreed with the rest of my group. The original footage in this video was taken out towards being shown during this event in 2013. I mean the footage of the dead grasshopper.


The video includes footage from the Troodos mountains in Cyprus. There are also stop motion animation of webcams, and a lady moving like a robot. The face of this person is blurred out. Do you think this video should have been in the Sensations exhibition? All the material in this video is 100% original.