The Wayforward Productions

These are videos that I edited during my time at The Wayforward Productions as a Runner. It features interviews taking place during the TWF Short Film Awards. This shows the participants talking about the films they submitted and what their plans are towards further enhancing their skills for the future. My work also shows my edit of the film awards that was held at the Borehamwood 96 building and the Ark theatre. Alongside this, I submitted a video I made under my own initiative to the TWF short film awards in April 2016. It is called Dipato Art Cafe and this lead me to winning the Best Newcomer Award.


Still images/Video work

There's no room for jugglers


The purpose of this video is to advertise Jason Cook's book called 'There's no room for jugglers in my circus'. This is needed to let the public know that Mr Cook will be present at WHSmith signing copies of his book.


Dipato Art Cafe



This was the documentary I submitted into the TWF Short Film awards and found myself winning the Best Newcomer Award. It is a film I decided to make under my own initiative during my travels in Cyprus. I was involved in interviewing two customers about their experiences while visiting the restaurant. 


The Case film


This was a film that I done some directing on. I told the participants where they should be in terms of how the narrative is structured. The story based on this video is about a man who carries drugs inside the case. He appears to have a worried look as he walks around in public. Towards the end of this film, the case gets handed in next door. In the morning the cocaine inside the suitcase get replaced with cash.


TWF Short film awards



During my time at the Wayforward Productions, I was involved in the preparation of TWF short film awards. As the event finished I edited together the highlights of what was happening at the time. There is featuring of the moments of when the winners were announced.


Further Video work at The Wayforward Productions